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Please make your payment before Friday, December 11th by midnight.  Thanks!

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Frequently asked Questions

Why am I being directed to this page?

You're being directed or linked to this page because your booked online with our upcoming "Pictures with Santa" photo event taking place at MQSC Digital on Monday, December 14th, starting at 3pm.


Why do you have to pay now? 

Honestly guys, there was a technical glitch within booking site that didn't require you to submit an electronic payment upon initially booking your slot for pictures.

Our second hosting of "Pictures with Santa" was due to overwhelming positive response to our posting of the Santa pictures on social media.  We received many messages about hosting another event, so Santa and I came up this is extra one.  It was not on the calendar -we can't foreshadow the turnout -so an upfront payment is justifiable to insure that this event is worthwhile.

We also do not want to handle cash or credit cards in the store on the day of this event.  That will help speed up the process and we can focus on what matters most- capturing your beautiful children with Jolly Old Saint Nick :-)


After I pay, then what?

Just like any other Paypal payment, you'll receive an email notification that your paid...that's your receipt and mines.  I'll link the two emails from paypal and your online booking profile.  You come in -you shoot -voila! Pictures will be posted within 24 hours.


If I choose not to pay...

Unfortunately, we can't honor your booking time slot and it becomes open again.  This is a small gesture and isn't time consuming.  Honestly, this is mutually convenient for both parties and insure a smooth transaction.