MQSC Digital | Deberrys Upholstery Shop | Trailer 1


This is the first extended trailer for the upcoming documentary, The Story of DeBerry's Upholstery Shop, which will highlight the 50+ year journey of the Lincoln Heights community business started by the late Sylvester DeBerry.  The business has grown throughout the years and is synonymous with the DeBerry Family in Laurinburg as well as other various parts of North Carolina.  This documentary will highlight Mr. (Sylvester) and Mrs. (Marie) DeBerry's transition from Wadesboro, NC, back in the 1950s to relocating Laurinburg- a sacrifice, love and faith.  The documentary will be story told by their son and owner of DeBerry's Upholstery, Rembert Deberry, with narration by R Quinyon DeBerry.  This documentary will also include interviews with family and close community friends.


Upon Sylvester's passing, Rembert DeBerry was still a teenager that lacked full knowledge of upholstery skill set. 

Through prayer and meditation, God would show him how to grow with the business. 



40+ years since his first day on the job at 12 years old,

DeBerry has acquired that corner of North Caledonia and McGirt's Bridge Road

which has grown the business into the community staple it is today.