However you came across my website -whether online searching or via some social media app, I sincerely thank you for taking the time and reaching this About Me section.  If you're here, you're probably seeking to learn a little more about me as a person -because with wedding and lifestyle photography, an interpersonal approach is essential between the photographer and yourself -and you want to ensure that I'm the right match for you as you may hire me to capture such a significant moment in your life.  

Well, a little about me.  I'm 35, happily married with two wonderful children.  I have been capturing weddings and lifestyle photography for nearly a decade.  I attended UNC Pembroke where I earn a degree in Mass Communication and worked on various videography projects until I sorta stumbled into photography.  

I'm more of a free spirit that's always smiling (you won't tell from my profile pic lol) and love to be surrounded by positive energy.  Let me reiterate that -I love positive energy.  I've strived to become successful within my career so I can always dictate the type of client I would like to work for.  Weddings are serious business -you're inviting me to basically become a member of your family.  Think about it -you're trusting me to capture your most intimate moments as you will laugh, cry and feel vulnerable.  That's why energy is important.  So, with that said, please fill out my contact page if you'd like to chat.. if you're in the area, we can meet up quicker and discuss your special day, as well as feel each other out.